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Find out what makes us different from the other private servers out there.
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International Service

Global Availability

We serve multiple regions including North America, South East Asia, and Europe.
The Town servers are centralised in Europe so that everyone can see each other.
Low latency is guaranteed in or around the main regions,
and regions can be changed seamlessly at the portal.

Countless Battles Countless Battles
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Latest Class Revamps

We have the latest class revamps, including their 3rd Awakenings, fully working unlike other servers.
Unsure what class you want to play? You can simply swap between your base job specs.
On top of this, we provide top-of-the-line custom class skills and reworks.

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Latest Features

Excluding game content since we use custom progression,
we have the latest features with our own exclusive ones.
This includes a 64-bit client, DirectX 11, and much more.

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Our Commitment

Since 2016, we have been in continuous operation,
making us the oldest server among all of our competitors.
Our primary goal is to constantly improve the game.
Begin your adventure with us today.

Class Introduction

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