Warrior - 3rd Specialisation
The Knight
Destroy enemies like never before. Now Available

Noteworthy Features

  • Multi-Server Infrastructure

    Questioning about ping or lag? Well, you don't have to any further.
    Fortunately, we offer a global presence in our game service!

    Currently, we offer the best latency at the following locations:
    North America, Europe, South East Asia, Hong Kong, Brazil, Australia.
    At any Portal or PVP room creation, select your region and go!

  • Our Unique Approach

    Experience a mix of T4 and T5 gameplay, featuring up to Vandar class, Hero Skills, both Class Awakenings, and so much more.
    We strive to offer you an amazing and unique experience with improvised gameplay, custom content, and exclusive features.

    Try out our server today, and experience our lightning fast 64-bit client!

  • (Non)-Traditional Leveling System

    When you create a character on the server, you also receive a Lv80 Skip Potion.

    The potion is optional to use. There are two options you can choose from:
    Either go through the Main Questline(Optional) with or without consuming the Potion, or grind your way up from 80-90 via Merca's Heart.

    Simply use a Level Skip Potion to skip straight from 1-80 and get your head start or purchase our highly sought after Lv.90 Skip Potion which immediately maxes you.

  • The Longest Server Lifespan

    We've been in continuous operation since 2016, which makes us the oldest private server out there.
    With numerous major updates and level cap raises thus far, we're excited to keep the train rolling for years to come.

    Join today and help us create even more history, together.

  • We Believe In Quality-of-Life

    Our primary goal? "Creating what DN should have been".
    From chat timestamps to inventory search bar, disconnects not closing the game, gear/cosmetic previews, day/night cycles, to a lot more.

    We've only scratched the surface, and there's so much to come in the future!

Server Information

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