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Several Notable Features

  • Our Unique Approach

    Experience a mix of T4 and T5 gameplay, with the latest Vandar character available.
    Try out our custom player skills, challenging content, and get a taste of the lightning fast performance with our 64-bit client!

  • Bypass the Leveling System

    Imagine spending days or weeks to reach the level cap on all your characters.
    Yeah, we wouldn't like to either, nor do we believe it should be forced.
    Simply use a Level Skip Potion and dive straight into the action.

  • Global Infrastructure

    Questioning about ping or lag? Well, you won't have to worry here.
    We are the only DN server which serves a global playerbase.
    Currently we have servers located in: America, Europe, & South East Asia.
    Select a region you'd like to connect to right at the portal!

  • Supreme Server Longevity

    We've been open since 2016, which makes us the oldest private server out there.
    With numerous major updates and level cap raises thus far, we're excited to keep the train going for years to come.

  • We focus on Quality of Life

    Every staff shares one primary motto: 'Creating what DN should have been'.
    Over the years, we have released a tonne of QoL updates to the game. Check em out for yourself!
    We've only scratched the surface, so there's much more to come!

Server Information

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