Did you know?
(Probably not.)

Infinity Nest is not cheap to run.

While we provide our services for free, we still have to pay for it, and if we always took the money out of our own pockets,

1. We would be broke

2. We wouldn't be able to upgrade and maintain our hardware to accomodate our users.

While we do have loads of software optimisations that allow our server programs to run crazy fast while still being on not so high-end hardware, the more users we have, the higher-end our hardware needs to be. So we are asking you for your help on this.

We are still students.

Most of the Infinity Nest staff do not have a day job. This means that we get some of our income as students from doing small jobs as "freelancers" every so often, or, you know, allowance to pay back our debts.

We do not have any ads. And never will.

You may have Adblock enabled and have not noticed, but we don't have ads anywhere on our website. We believe ads are bad, as they can be very annoying to you and that you would rather spend a few bucks to help us rather than watch annoying ads all the time.

We love picking random icons from our awesome library.

So what can you do?

Well, you can help us out.

And here's exactly how your generousity would help:


We will be able to pay for our website and our servers every month in order to keep them online and serving our awesome players.


We will be able to slowly grow and solidify our global infrastructures in an attempt to keep latency low between each server. This would also impact your gameplay!


We love to try and make Dragon Nest become a better experience for everyone. With that, we would also be able to work long hours without much concern.


Seriously, thank you for wanting to help Infinity Nest. We wouldn't be able to remain open for this long without your generous support.

And this is how you donate: